Postcards from Hpa-an [Day One • Riverside]

So, this is Hpa-an, a nice little village in the southeast of Burma, with lots of mountains, caves and landscapes to explore and enjoy.
The first day just wanted to relax and have some rest after the hard and stressful last 2 days travelling. So this is perfect to enjoy some little nice spots in the village.
You can just go north of the clocktower to the viewpoint and walk near the riverside. You can first try to look for the wonderful monastery near the view point, so beautiful!
And then just go towards the river and find another pagoda close to the viewpoint.

From that point, just walking down the riverside you can enjoy another lovely sunset…

An abandoned ghostly bus in the way and some funny meetings with the locals, and this was the nice walk we had to know Hpa-an during the first day in this lovely village.

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