Sleeping in a buddhist monastery in the top of the mount Zwekabin.

Hpa-an. Mount Zwekabin. January 2016.

Hiking the mountain from Lanbini garden (1121 buddhas) ,800m high, more than 3500 steps, 2 hours.

But once you arrive to the top, no words to describe the views and your inner peace, a complete feeling of real connection with the world, enjoying a free and clear mind. This is what everything is about.
The view of the valley and the mountains that emerge all around Mt.Zwekabin, under the colors of the last sunrays of the day is one of those indescriptible moments that is hard to imagine just with a few pictures.
But it can get even better! You can stay the night at the buddhist monastery in the top of the hill, one of those experiences you keep like a treasure in your heart forever. 

Feeling alive again!!! These moments are the reason and the reward after all the effort during those 10 months non-stop working periods. 
Hiking a beautiful mountain, from one “off the beaten path” villages in Burma, thousands of buddhas, an incredible landscape, one magic night in the monastery, the calm while hearing the chants of the monks, playing with friendly little dogs, many hill-monkeys hanging around and a breathtaking sunset & sunrise. I can’t be more grateful really, this is all you need, after love.

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