Abracadabra @ Golden rock rollercoaster

Good morning Kinpun! Meoooow!
This is the base camp to climb up to the Golden Rock, one of the most important religious sites in Myanmar and a dream destination for devout Buddhists.
Then you have 2 ways to arrive to the top, hiking or by truck. There are so many people accessing the sacred place every day that the logistics with the trucks are just impressive.

So get ready to spend next 45 minutes like sardines in a can, in a dangerous kindof rollercoster trip to the top of the hill…just relax, enjoy, and pray!
And enjoy the ride with the locals! Now: who is the freak??!?!!! ^_^

Once you arrive alife to the top, you need to walk a little bit, pay the entrance (6000kyat) and try not to get in trouble with militars with bazookas…xd

So, there we are. The rock and the views, this is just amazing!

Time (of course) to the daily picture with the freak, making lots of friends, as usual!

Curious shop with goat feet and animals skulls. Abracadabra pata de cabra.

In the evening, you can experience a new adventure to schedule and pickup the proper bus to Hpa-An (locals try to help but they tell you that you will probably take that bus “if you are lucky”).
At the end everything was fine, we survived the rollercoster and we finally enjoyed the sunset in the way to Hpa-An, a charmy village where you can spend some wonderful days in a beautiful landscape surrounded by mountains, lakes and caves. 

But this will be explained in the next chapter. See you my friends! Love & peace!

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