Magical Sunrise Bagan [Day 2]

Cómo dejar en ridículo a todas las palabras del mundo, versión Pro.
Nyaung U. 4:30 in the morning. Wake up, get in the bike, ride under the most complete dark for 10 kilometres. Arrive to  the temple with the most impressive views over Bagan temple valley. Take off your shoes. Walk up the stairs to the highest floor. Stay in one of the best spots. Wait for the sun rising up.
Breath, feel the magic, feel the energy, feel the flow, see how the sun enlightens the complete valley, see how the sun rays start light bathing the ancient temples, hold your tears (or not). Keep this moment and these images in your soul forever and ever. Llorar mucho again.

Nothing else to say. One of the most incredible spectacles in the world.

Go back to the hostel, and chill out. Swim in cold water under the heat, read a good book…

Life can be just perfect sometimes, you just have to set your goals and work hard with sacrifice to achieve anything you can imagine. You are the one to set your own priorities, no excuses!

After this incredible and unforgeatable morning, time for lunch in the vest vegetarian restaurant in Burma: The Moon. Lovely name for a lovely place!
After the incredible lunch in the Moon with such tasty-yummi-amazing dishes as avocado salad, thai tofu noodles, fresh strawberry juice and handmade banana ice cream XDD, it was time to balance the excesses and cycle around new Bagan for some more temples!

After some more km by bike I just arrived to the hostel and enjoyed the perfect way to close one of the most spectacular days in my whole traveller “career”, swim again in the cold water in the pool with changing colours lights under the stars of Bagan sky.

Thanks again universe for letting me be so lucky. Can’t be more grateful to this life after living such beautiful, spectacular and intense moments like the ones experienced today in the ancient village of Bagan.

True story.

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