Surprise @ Yangon [Day 1]

Yangon was a big surprise, I just wanted to stay a couple of days but I spent 4 nights in the end. Chaotic, big and dirty but also with many charm spots, very nice people, good restaurants and a lovely and amazing street life! Let’s go!
1st stop, of course, Shwedagon pagoda, an incredible amazing religious site impressive by its size and its beauty and one of the most important pilgrimage place for burmese people.

It takes over 2-3 hours to visit the place, and the best thing you can do after that,  is to walk to downtown, while you see some residencial areas in the way…

Downtown Yangon is simply amazing, with drinks, fruits and food stalls everywhere, and such an intense street life. I just loved it!

During this street walk, you can reach the hindu town for a different perspective and taste of the city, which gives you the chance to visit the Sri Kali temple…

Walking again within the streets, you can see the decadence of some parts of the city combined with the daily scenes in the yangon people lifes.

This is what I loved the most from Yangon: walking through the streets and meet the locals! They were all surprised to see such a “freak” for them, they all smiled and say hello. Or directly ask for pictures! Hahaha. Hillarious and wonderful moments! Mingalarba! 
And after so many walked km, a final stop for a cocktail and ready to go dinner.

That was thai night just to change a little bit the menu. It’s so nice to change the type of food after so many days!
When you love travelling and eating, it’s impossible to say no when you have the chance to try so many different dishes and flavours! 

In the way back to the hostel, at night, you can also see so many little tree shrines everywhere, some of them buddhist, some animist, even some hinduist. Amazing.

The balance after this incredible first day at Yangon, after arriving with so low expectations, was so good and intense! Thanks again, and good night world!!!

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