Riders on the storm @ Hpa-an

With this tune in my mind, Riders on the storm, one of my favourite from The Doors and one of the most convenient song for this day, the “cavemans” adventure started.

It was a complete tour to the several caves around Hpa-an in a stormy rainy day, which made the ride something really special…and the company, and the new people you always meet in these trips!
“Yes, I was young and I didn’t know what I was doing!” The point is that it was raining cats and dogs that day, and that rain coat was the only thing I could get in the village. End of the story.

So, let’s get serious, 1st cave we stopped in a mountain full of monkeys: Yathae Pyan cave.

2nd stop, Kawtgoon cave.

After that, we headed to the Kyauk Ka Lat temple, which was so beautiful under the rain with the clouds behind.

The next stop was in the Lumbini garden, with 1.121 buddhas in the base of the mountain Zwekabin (which I would climb up the next day to sleep in a monastery in the top, but that’s another story…)
After the buddha explanade, we went to the best cave in all the circuit,the Saddan cave.
It’s the biggest one and you can also ride in a boat during a part of the trip and get out the cave through the river. Really beautiful.

And the last one of the day was the Kawt Ka Thaung, which was really nice, but we were a little bit tired after the cave overdose! 

At the end of the day we just wanted to arrive to the hostel for a hot shower. 

Yes, it was so cold in the way back, that at the end I really took profit of the fashion rain coat.
Ande yo caliente….

Peace. Love. Be happy.

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