Magical Bagan [Day 1]

This is how you start your day in Bagan, swimming 1/4 km at 08AM getting ready for a complete cycling day, a tope!!! Yes, water was freezing!!
I think there is nothing you can say to describe the beautiful, awesome, incredible, special, sacred, magic, amazing (and soooooo many other adjectives) temples, pagodas, paintings, carvings, buddhas, landscapes and people from Bagan. 
I just picked up some few details from a long list of magical places and moments. 
So I will let the images speak by themselves. True story (again).
BAGAN. O Cómo dejar en ridículo a todas las palabras del mundo version X.x 

Soulsearching Akelarre 2016 Bagan version.

And when the sun goes down….sunset in Bagan, as you can imagine, is one of the most beautiful ever…

Llorar mucho (again). Thanks, thanks a lot again to those who helped me through the most difficult moments last year. These fu**ing great moments are just priceless. “Haber estudiao” (Oscar dixit).

After one of the most intense days while in Burma it is good to arrive at the hotel after cycling 20km and finishing the day the same way it started. It is simply perfect to help mind balancing and to get ready for tomorrow’s sunrise.


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