Experiencing local Yangon: Giant buddhas, lakes, local trains,… [Day 2]

Day 2 in the city! Morning started early with a visit to the impressive 65m x 16m Reclining Buddha @ Chauk Htat Gyi pagoda.

After that, you can follow the road south to reach the less known and beautiful Ngahtatgyi Buddha temple
Keep walking south of Yangon to the Kandawgyi lake, where you can walk through a wood pasarela all over the lake.

You can keep on walking south while you pass within some “pictoresque” neighbourhoods: the real Yangon. 

In the way to the train station you can also find some mosques & churchs.

And finally in the train station, you can have an special experience taking the circular line through the limits of Yangon, in a 3hour ride where you will be able to see the life outside the city and interact with the locals in the train. There are complete microworlds everywhere you go. True story.

After that loooong ride, you will probably be hungry as it will be dinner time. So you can cross downtown and see the street stalls…
…on the way to the mexican restaurant where you can have some fajitas, nachos and burritos. Which is not a bad choice at all after so many vegetables w/ noodles or rice.
To complete the day, and walk a little bit after the dinner, you can always see something interesting downtown, as there is so much street life during night at Yangon! So have fun and good night!

Any question or comment? Share your experience with us!