Biking Day @ Nyaung Shwe -Inle Lake- [Market/Pagodas/ForestMonastery/Sunset/…]

Good morning Nyaung Shwe! What do you do after a good breakfast when you leave the hostel?

Yes! First thing, as usual, a visit to the market. Best place to see the local activity and what do they usually do, seall, buy and eat.

2nd thing: Rent a bike and get lost!!!
Y pin pan pun, bicicleta de Atún!

First visit in Nyaung Shwe was to one lovely local pagoda

Some nāga cult…

And some young monk kids playing within the stupas. A kid will always be a kid, and that’s what they do (and what we all should do more often)…

It was midday, so the perfect time to head to the Red mountain winery, the famous wineyards 4km outside Nyaung Shwe.
After a short guided tour through the wineyard and facilities, time for the tasting, and have some lunch!

Yes, we have much more better wines in Rioja and Penedés, for sure!

To complete the day, heading 7km far away to the village of Maing Thauk, while you can enjoy beautiful fields and meet lovely people in the way!
The truth is that you must be well trained to climb up the hill to the Mam Thouk Forest Monastery. 
But the charm of the mountain, the beautiful pagoda, the peaceful chants and the astonishing awesome views of the lake is something you’ll never forget again.

This place can give you one of the most beautiful sunset over the Inle lake ever.
Again, one of those moments that will stay with me forever, the fucking reward to one difficult year of hard working. 
Thank you. I feel so lucky…

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