A full day (and full night) in Phnom Penh

After visiting the massive temples of Angkor it was time to visit the capital…just one day because it was in the middle of the way to the paradise of Koh Rong.

The day couldn’t start better finding a cheap hostel not too far from the center…balcony included!
After leaving the bags it was time to walk the city and see the royal palace and visit the national museum, where we enjoyed an awesome collection of buddhist statues (sorry, no pictures allowed!)

And heading to the central market for lunch!

While we walked to downtown we visited some wats…

But after a while we decided to take a tuktuk, too many km these last days!

And finally, this night was our last night together for me and my mate, as we were taking different directions the next day. So it was time to party hard in Phnom Penh, and it was sooo fun!! 

The next morning, with a little hangover, and as I still had some few hours before taking my next bus, I decided to walk the city again…
To end the day I had dinner in the vegetarian we had found the day before, which waaas soo good!

Cheap and full of local people!!! This is something I have been looking for everywhere during this trip!”, trying to avoid the “banana pancake circuit”, lonelyplanet name for the typical western circuit full of dumb teenager tourists. Sooo good!!!

It was time to head to the hostel and had some chat in the terrace with some new friends while waiting for the sleeping bus which will bring me to the fu**ing paradise in southeast Asia. Stay tuned for the next chapter, you are gonna hate me!!! ;***

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