Welcome to paradise [Koh Rong 1.0]

These last days I have been thinking on writing or not this post about Koh Rong… The point is that this paradise (mostly unknown 3 years ago) is beginning to change, as usual when the occidental world “discovers” this kind of heaven’s places. I didn’t want to contribute spreading the word about this paradise, but the island is already totally sold, and the transformation into a new Bali or the Thai massified islands seems sadly inevitable…they are already building an airport πŸ™
By the other hand, I feel sooo lucky about being able to know the island as it is today, that I want to share one of the biggest surprises during my soulsearching2015 trip, so please fasten your seat belts and enjoy the post. ^_^
So! After leaving Phnom Penh at 04h in the night (with a sleeping bus delay of 3hours) I arrived at Shinaoukville a little bit late for the first boat to the island. After dealing (as usual) the tuktuk price to the pier (from 3$ that everybody was asking to the 1$ I finally paid) I arrived on time to get some breakfast and get the 11h speed boat. Yeah!!! Once again the plan was more or less as expected! Love it when happens!

Weather was not as good as expected on arrival, but the sun started shining after finding a nice local guesthouse
Supporting local business helps the community! We must keep in mind that  there was a time they were quiet and alone in their island, so people should try to be more respectful.

First day and first beach time, after so many villages, so many buses, so many km…it was like being in heaven!

Even in the main side of the island, where  all the guesthouses and bars are located, you just need to walk like 20 minutes to be completely alone in white sand beaches.

But the best moment arrived the next day. Waking up early and go for the trekking to the jungle to the other side of the island: Long Beach, 7km of the whitest sand and the most turquese water in a still virgin paradise…

More about the paradise in the next chapter…


  1. A pessr de tus dudas"razonables" de publicar lo del paraiso Koh Rong…. la desicion final es acertada… vemos lo inmensamente feliz que estas , lo bien que te lo estas pasando , lo merecido que tenias esta maravillosa recompensa… en fin "dientes largo" ( ENVIDIA SANA)….

  2. Como bien dice dad, entendemos que no quieras contribuir a la masificaciΓ³n y a la destrucciΓ³n de un paraje tan virgen como nos enseΓ±as! Es una verdadera pena…!! Pero despuΓ©s de leer y ver el post nos pones los dientes no largos no… sino LARGISIMOS!!! DespuΓ©s de tanto km, pateos y demΓ‘s has llegado al paraiso! Sigue disfrutando del viaje bro! Te queremos!!!

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