Holidays in Cambodia [Angkor Day 3]

And finally, the third & last day was the time to the most impressive and famous temples: Angkor Thom & Angkor Wat. So let’s ride the bike and move on!

Starting from Angkor Thom, again, powerful hidden emotions rised when I entered the complex through the south gate and saw the impressive Bayon…So many times I had visualized those images in my head…and I was finally feeling that moment…cry again so much…unblocking lots of negative energy I had been “collecting” during last year…connecting with the real me again…leaving the past behind, time to move on!!!!

And at last it was time for Angkor Wat, doing the “usual tour” but reversed way, just to avoid the tourist hordes, which was a very good choice that allowed us to enjoy the sunset almost alone! 

And this is where we ended these awesome days in the massive Angkor complex in the middle of the jungle, feeling pretty lucky to having been able to enjoy this world heritage and fu**ing wonder! These magical moments in the temples also regenerated my soul, my mind, my cosmic perception and allowed me to unblock some damaged and corrupted parts inside my head and (maybe) close some bleeding wounded parts in my heart…

I will never ever forget all these moments. See you maybe in the future again Angkor.

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