Kids & villages & bike & peacefulness [Kampot v2]

Today again it was time to rent a bike, the best way to know a place and their surroundings…and do a little bit of exercise!

First stop: Kampot market, the best spot to see how is the daily local life in town. 
After buying what is supposed to be the best pepper in the world, let’s ride the bike heading south by following the riverside where we can find some small and charming fishing villages.

Again, one of the things that I will keep in my memories forever, one of the most impressive things I met in this trip, the love and joy of the kids. How they just smile when they see you, how they point at you, say hello, want to play or just their surprise face thinking “where is this freak coming from?”…That’s the most valuable treasure I get from this experience. The children’s joy and innocence. In my heart forever. Thank you! Don’t grow up! It’s a trap!!!

After this grateful visit, time to head to Climbodia, outside Kampot, where a nice road and village greets us till the entrance of a nice cave.

The cave was great, although I saw so many awesome caves in Laos that it was not so impressive.
But the way to arrive there, through the dirty dusty road and the villages, with their people smiling and the kids following you by bike and saying hello all the time, was again something magical…it’s a shame having lost all this simple and basic humanity in occident capitalism first world countries…

The truth is that Kampot was a big surprise for me, so peaceful, so charmy, so nice the village and the people that it was worth to leave Koh Rong and finish my trip in this place before going to Bangkok and coming back to our daily fake reality…

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