InwAmarapura bike day

Waking up early, taking the bike we already rent yesterday and go for Inwa, a nice village outside Mandalay with some ancient stupas in the forest.
After the chaos in the roads with no semaphores or any kind of rules, and 18km later, finally arrived to Inwa after crossing the river in a small boat…

And yes! After all those km riding under a killing sun, it was totally worth the effort! 🙂

And the best of all, no more tourists around at the same time in the same place. ^_^

After having lunch by the riverside with these amazing views:

Time to come back and stop in Amarapura to walk along the famous U-Bein bridge to see the most fotographed sunset in Mandalay.

But first of all some well deserved rest, coconuts power!!!

The surroundings were also wonderful, with some little stupas and the incredible smile, energy, innocence and true spirit that the kids gave us everywhere. This is the real reward after an awful stressful fu**ing work year. Got it! Thank you!!!!

As the sun started to hide, it was time to go back through the bridge and take the bike, as we still had to ride for 10km in the dark, but with some outstanding images and moments that will stay with us forever…

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