What to do in Port Barton : Tips, Tricks & OffTheBeatenPath

What to do in Port Barton Palawan

Similar to El Nido, the main activity and the reason why most of the people come to Port Barton is to enjoy the exclusive island hopping activities. As I also explained What to do in El Nido Palawan, I will try to do the same and tell you what to do in Port Barton: The best tips to enjoy one of the most “off the beaten path” villages in Palawan (Check Coron as well).

How to get to Port Barton

TIP: After landing at Puerto Princesa, which is normally the way into Palawan, the best way is to arrange a minivan directly from the airport. If you follow the most part of the people and decide to go to the town center and take the van there, you will only loose time and you won’t save money, so look for the best price in the several agencies just outside the airport. ^_^


While on the road you can find these typical Philippino images:

Once in Port Barton, you will see that this is a pretty smal village with 3 or 4 main streets where you will find some hostels and some places to eat. And some little new friends 🙂

Where to eat in Port Barton

If you are looking for home-made vegetarian organic food, this is your place! Gorgonzola Pizza in Bonifacio Street. Best organic buddha-bowls for breakfast, and the best pizzas and homemade pasta in town, loved it. I know it is not local style as usual, but sometimes you need to feed properly when you are vegetarian… and no vegetarian.


What to do to in Port Barton besides Island-hopping?

There are plenty of options while you are in town, just visiting the place and get to know local’s culture better is great. This place is still not touched by tourism, and you can find peace, calm and charm in an awesome spot in Palawan island, just take a look at the pics.



Excursions to beautiful surroundings

One of the most beautiful excursions you can do is to head to the Papawyan falls and enjoy of a pleasant walk through the jungle.



TIP: on the way back, go to Pamuayan and But but beaches, facing the ocean to the right. You can follow indications from the road going back from the falls. You will get through the jungle and you will be able to reach 3 consecutive beaches to be just by your own in paradise.



From that point just follow your way back to town, and keep enjoying the places and landscapes in this beautiful area.


When you arrive to town again, just enjoy the sunset and how the colors of nature change while the night is coming. Life is beautiful!


Some other things to enjoy in town, local evening markets where you can discover places like this where children enjoy playing this simple game. Big smiles always the children. 🙂



Port Barton

As you can see, there are plenty of activities, places and excursions to do around Port Barton. But if you came here because of the snorkeling, don’t miss these useful tips for a private off the beaten path Island-hopping tour.


Any question or comment? Share your experience with us!