Siquijor enchanted island Day 2

Wow, that’s a hangover. x_X

After the Csar’s palace last night party the best cure for that feeling is a good breakfast.

Some pics of the zone where we stayed…

And just before going back to the hostel…the afterparty was still going on! Just inside the policeman. It was 12h in the afternoon and they invited to some rum shots…that was…unexpected?

After that bizarre moment, time to redeem our sins, in the church where not even christ goes. Aqui no va ni cristo, nen.

Today we went to the north side of the island, a la casita de la playa!

As the day and the beach were not the best ones, we decided to move on before stopping in the gas station.

In the way back to San Juan, the zone where the hostel was located ,a couple of stops, first one in Siquijor town, where we visited the local market and enjoy the tipycal wasted butcher karaoke party!

Second one in the public swimming pool where the locals go to chill…

And again, the night was young. First warm up in Baha Bar with reggae live music, which was amazing…

And afterward, time for Silvias, the place to be on Saturday nights. More locals, more live music, more madness and lots of fun. And red horses…

Another incredible day in Siquijor where we met half of the locals of the island. Such nice people. Loved it so much!



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