One day @ Koh Chang

The trip I did at the beginning of 2016, ended in the less touristic islands in Thailand, close to Camboia border, to chill and recover a little bit before another 10 months of hard non-stop work. 

First stop was in one of the “most” crowded islands, Koh Chang.

The place where I stayed, a lovely hostel in the docks.

The bed was literally over the water, and was so great, as you can see.

These were the views from the hostel ^_^

But this island was too busy for me, so the next day I spent the morning in the beach and I headed to a smaller island that evening. While I was in Trat the other day some guys in the hostel talked me about Koh Mak, the smaller island in that group, so that was where I would stay the next few days, I will talk about it in the next post. :*

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