Koh Mak Day 3+4 [02/2016]

On the 3rd day I went snorkeling to some little islands in the area. Don’t have pictures underwater, but it was an awesome experience to be completelly surrounded by hundreds of fishes and multicolor corals. Some fishes are so curious that they even come directly to you to give you little kisses. Lovely, isn’t it?

After the complete day boat trip, some time to chill in my private beach.

Day 4.

Another day in paradise….another day riding the bike and getting lost in the beaches of this island. Completely alone must of the time, so priceless…

Another post where any word is useless when you see the pictures…

Not everything in life is about fake love, having children or convenience couples to avoid the sadness and emptiness of being alone…Sure, I got it! Keep this lovelifestyle with screaming kids, huge bills, expensive cars and sadly full malls for you, I prefer to explore this madworld by myself…sometimes.

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